Nile Crocodile (Britains Zoo 917)

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Nile Crocodile (Britains Zoo 917)

Nile Crocodile, Britains Zoo No917 (BritCat 1940).jpg Nile Crocodile, Crocodilus niloticus (i)
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Arch Three , Area 44
The Zoo (display)

A painted hollowcast lead Nile Crocodile, from the Britains Zoo range, probably pre-war, catalogue number 917.

Giulia ...
" This powerful animal is represented when it is opening its jaws. This model shows a big scarily tail. It is carefully painted with lots of brown and gold shades. It has big eyes and a scary look. "

1940 catalogue description

" The boldness and ferocity of Crocodiles are outstanding points and their huge jaws and sharp teeth make them very formidable opponents. As the name implies, they chiefly inhabit the Nile, but are also found in other parts of Africa. By the ancients they were held in religious esteem. "