Nelly the Snail (Steiff)

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Nelly the Snail (Steiff)

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Arch Four , Area 34
Cuddly Toys (display)

1961 - 1963

"Nelly the Snail" ("Schnecke Nelly"), part of the Small Steiff Creatures collection. This is a soft toy snail with side-frills, black beady eyes, brown weathered soft rubber shell, and brown transitionally-shaded antennae. Nelly's underside is a soft white textured leather-look plastic material.



Nelly was sold by Steiff, Germany, from 1961-63. She's one of the very rarest Steiff toys, since Steiff's normal customer-base tended not to buy snails for their children - given the choice between giving a child a toy snail or a Steiff teddybear, most people would choose the bear.

However, to people who collect snails, the Steiff piece is deeply aspirational. For a snail, Nelly is kinda sweet.