Napoleonic War diorama (Victory at Waterloo)

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Past Exhibit

Napoleonic War diorama (Victory at Waterloo)

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Arch One , Area 76

Victory at Waterloo

After Quatre Bras, the Duke of Wellington retired to Mont St. Jean near the village of Waterloo.

Napoleon’s forces attacked the British positions all day and weakened them. Towards evening the Prussians, after marching all day, arrived at the battlefield and tipped the balance in favour of the allies. The British defence of the ridge had cost the French ‘Old Guard’ dearly.

The diorama depicts the meeting of Prussian Prince Blücher and the Duke of Wellington outside an inn just after the battle. The victorious troops are cheering whilst the French prisoners and their heaped weapons are under guard. So ended 20 years of war.

Size: 48"×26"