Napoleonic War diorama (Skirmish at Quatre Bras)

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Past Exhibit

Napoleonic War diorama (Skirmish at Quatre Bras)

BTMM map 076.gif
Arch One , Area 76

Quatre Bras

After Napoleon's escape from the island of Elba in February 1815, he was welcomed back by the majority of Frenchmen. He knew that the Allies would not allow him to govern France so he decided to strike first.

His army entered Belgium and on June 16th he partly defeated the Prussian Army at Ligny. On the same day the British force under the Duke of Wellington tried to keep in contact with the Prussians, but the battle became a stalemate. Wellington retired to Waterloo to gain a more strategic position.

The diorama shows units of the French Army attacking the British who courageously defended the area around the crossroads.

Size: 34"×24"