Napoleonic War diorama (Retreat from Moscow)

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Past Exhibit

Napoleonic War diorama (Retreat from Moscow)

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Arch One , Area 76

Retreat from Moscow, 1812

In June 1812 Napoleon decided to invade Russia with a "Grande Armee" of 650,000 men.

After the Battle of Borodino the French reached Moscow on 14th September to find it deserted and on fire. The French waited in the ruins expecting Czar Alexander to sue for peace but as this did not happen, Napoleon decided to leave Moscow on 19th October. The famous retreat had begun and by December only 20,000 survivors got back to their bases.

The diorama shows the early part of the retreat when some order was still maintained. The Emperor Napoleon is at the head of the Marshals and the troops are marching in the intense cold. The ‘Grande Armee’ never recovered from the great loss of life.

Size: 35"×24"