Napoleonic War diorama (Friedland 1807)

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Past Exhibit

Napoleonic War diorama (Friedland 1807)

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Arch One , Area 76

Friedland, 13th June, 1807

This diorama is based upon a famous painting by the French artist Meissonier.

Napoleon Bonaparte, at the height of his power, sets out to decisively defeat Czar Alexander’s army. The Russians were defeated and a peace conference was held on a raft in the middle of the River Niemen. The scene shows units of the 7th Cuirassiers saluting the Emperor as they gallop past into action. Napoleon is waving his hat in acknowledgement. Around Napoleon are the Marshals of France: Mortier, Lannes, Berthier, Poniatowski and Eugéne de Beauharnais.

Despite the subsequent peace between France and Russia, Napoleon did not trust some of the actions of Czar Alexander.

Size: 41"×24"