NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket (Lego 92176)

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NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket (Lego 92176)

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An assembled model NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket, from Lego Set 92176.

The set is, actually a work of art, containing exactly 1969 bricks, commemorate the moon-shot date of 1969.


Building the set is actually quite educational, even for people who feel they know the Saturn V, as it includes hands-on familiarity with details such as the venting area and grilles on the first stage. The whole rocket pulls apart into its constituent stages, and includes the Lunar Landing Module, whose legs fold to fit into its stage.

As well as some blue supports that hold the whole rocket horizontally on a (long!) bookshelf, the set comes with a couple of mini-dioramas: a small grey baseplate representing the lunar landing site (which the LLM can sit on), and a similar blue plate representing the splashdown site, which takes a greyer (scorched!) copy of the reentry module, with cute bright orange high-visibility floats.

There are also more than three astronaut microfigures, so that you can use one on the Lunar-mini-diorama and still have three to stand in front of the pre-launch rocket.

All in all, this is a VERY nice Lego set, and with the combination of play value and educational value (which applies less to the Millenium Falcon sets and the modular "building" sets) arguably one of the best they've ever produced.