Model E viewer, walnut-effect, Belgium (View-Master)

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in storage

Model E viewer, walnut-effect, Belgium (View-Master)

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in storage


A rather nice Bakelite "walnut" wood-effect Model E View-Master viewer, made in Belgium in the 1950s, and donated to the museum's collection in 2016.

The "Model E"

The "Model E" was produced between 1955 and 1961 in various countries around the world, including the US, Australia, and Europe, with factories producing them in a handful of different colours. This example is marked "MADE IN BELGIUM / BY / SAWYER'S EUROPE / BRUSSELS".


Since they were produced in large quantities are were quite robustly built (considering that this wasn't a device that would be expected to be subjected to rough handling), rather a lot of these have survived in good condition, often (due to the slightly awkward shape of the View-Master with respect to storage) with their original boxes.

This means that Model E's are not especially rare, and don't command especially high prices – they can usually be found on eBay complete with box. However, they are still nice things, especially if they come with a library of "reels".

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