Midland Pullman train, six-car set (Kitmaster)

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in storage

Midland Pullman train, six-car set (Kitmaster)

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in storage

An assembled, well-finished and motorised "Blue Pullman" Midland Pullman six-car set made from the well-respected Kitmaster kits.


The set comprises of

  • 2 × Midland Pullman Power Car Type 1 First Class (Kitmaster No.31)
  • 2 × Midland Pullman Kitchen Car Type 4 First Class (Kitmaster No.32)
  • 2 × Midland Pullman Parlour Car Type 6 First Class (Kitmaster No.33)


The set is currently in storage in three of the original Kitmaster boxes, with two items stored in each box.

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