Meccano Set 6 - L'Equipment Portuaire (Port Equipment) set

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Meccano Set 6 - L'Equipment Portuaire (Port Equipment) set

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Arch Two , Area 4

A large, boxed, French Meccano Set 6 ("L'Equipement Portuaire") (Port Equipment) set.

This was the French version of the "themed" version of Outfit No.6 (re-themed in the UK as the "Ocean Terminal Set"), during the Lines Brothers period.


The leftmost third of the box lid shows four blue (and gold?) Meccano models, of a dock bridge, a simple (small) aircraft carrier, a pleasure boat and a dockyard locomotive, and the remaining two-thirds shows artwork of a dock scene including most of the components. Judging by the style of the artwork, the set probably dates from the 1970's. There's a large number six in the bottom right corner, set in a white square.

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