Lupo the Wolf (Schuco)

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Lupo the Wolf (Schuco)

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Arch Four , Area 34
Cuddly Toys (display)

A soft toy of Lupo the Wolf from Rolf Kauka's Fix and Foxi series of comics, made by Schuco

This figure was released as part of Schuco's Bigo Bello line in 1960's. While not jointed like other Schuco bears the Big Bellos were there was flexible wire reinforcing the limbs that allowed the toys to be bent and positioned.

In the Fix and Foxi comics Lupo was a comic foil who loves love and eating and spent most of his time trying to steal the Oma Eusebia character's cakes.

There were two variations of this figure made, one was 24cm tall and the other was 36cm. The Museum displays the 24 inch variant.

Additional Information

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