Llama (Britains Zoo 923)

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Llama (Britains Zoo 923)

Llama, Britains Zoo No923 (BritCat 1940).jpg Llama, Lama huanacos (i)
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Arch Three , Area 44
The Zoo (display)

A painted hollowcast lead Llama, from the Britains Zoo range, probably pre-war, catalogue number 923.

Giulia ...
" This model represents a white and brown llama standing on its four legs and checking the situation in its habitat. It has big ears raised to be always ready for any attack. "

1940 catalogue description

" The true Llama is the domesticated breed of the Guanaco and is a native of South America. These animals were originally reared as beasts of burden by the Peruvians before the Spanish Conquest, and enormous numbers were in captivity. "