Learner's Car (Triang Minic 12M)

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Learner's Car (Triang Minic 12M)

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Arch Three , Area 01
1930s Model Railway Layout

A post-war standard-type clockwork Learner's Car made by Tri-ang as part of the Minic vehicles range, model number 12M.

The Learner's Car has a red body and black running boards. It also has wooden seats, black tyres, and a transferred L on the radiator.

1937: catalogue image of the Learner's Car

Special features

According to Peter Bartok's "THE MINIC BOOK" the model was deliberately designed to skid when on a polished surface, done by setting the back wheels out of original line and making the back tyres out of tin-plate, as a single piece with the wheels, instead of making them out of rubber.

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  • Peter Bartok, The Minic Book (New Cavendish Books, 1987), page 23 ISBN 0904568490