Learner's Car (Triang Minic 12M)

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Learner's Car (Triang Minic 12M)

Learners Car, Triang Minic (MinicCat 1937).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 65
1930s Layout, central section, front

A post-war standard-type clockwork Learner's Car made by Tri-ang as part of the Minic vehicles range, model number 12M.

The Learner's Car has a red body and black running boards. It also has wooden seats, black tyres, and a transferred L on the radiator.

1937: catalogue image of the Learner's Car

Special features

According to Peter Bartok's "THE MINIC BOOK" the model was deliberately designed to skid when on a polished surface, done by setting the back wheels out of original line and making the back tyres out of tin-plate, as a single piece with the wheels, instead of making them out of rubber.

When the car was wound up, it would then drive very erratically, as if the driver couldn't control the car.

External links

  • Peter Bartok, The Minic Book (New Cavendish Books, 1987), page 23 ISBN 0904568490