Junkers Ju52/3M D-ALBA (Märklin model 1980)

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Junkers Ju52/3M D-ALBA (Märklin model 1980)

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Arch Two , Area 6
Metal Construction Sets (display)


A lovely "creamy mushroom soup and black"-coloured clockwork limited-edition 1990s reissue of a 1930s Märklin model Junkers Ju52 three-engined aeroplane, registration number D-ALBA, originally issued as a construction set, as model number 1152 (reissue model number 1980).

The model went on display in late 2016, suspended "in flight" at the top of the Metal construction toys cabinet in Arch Two.

1936 image of the original Märklin set No.1152 model
The original 1930s model featured in Märklin Magazine, 1984 (low-res image)

The factory-built model revisits the classic 1930s Märklin Aeroplane Construction Set design, but pre-built.


Not only do all three propellors spin when the aircraft is "wound" and the safety catch released, all the tail and wing control surfaces are fully functional, and when adjusted by hand, the pilot's controls move in sympathy.

There is also a small nubbin under the aircraft's "chin" which is an extension of the control column, and can be twisted and moved to control all the surfaces

1999 promotional text:

#19801 Ju 52 Swiss Commercial Airplane

Märklin continues its tradition of reissuing it's most beautiful models as reproductions with the JU 52 Swiss Commercial Airplane.

Model is made of metal with built-in wind-up motor to power the three propellers, movable elevator, vertical rudder and aileron. Pilot's cockpit can be opened. Wing span approximately 56 cm (22-3/64"). Delivery to Märklin dealers is scheduled for the 4th quarter 1999.

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