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The Hornby Speed Boat Club was set up by Meccano Ltd. to encourage local networks of owners, in a way similar to the Meccano Guild and Hornby Railway Company user-groups.

Purpose of the Club

Where the Meccano Guild and Hornby Railway Company groups were important as a way of letting Meccano and Hornby Trains enthusiasts share technical hints and tips and show off their creations to their peers, the Hornby Speed Boat Club had a different emphasis - although there wasn't so much technical information to share, the formation of local clubs meant that members could organise get-togethers where they could race their boats against each other, turning a solitary pastime into an exciting group event.

Since these get-togethers would tend to be held outdoors in public places (typically parks or other civic facilities), the sight of a group of children racing their Hornby Boats would then attract passers-by to see what was happening, and attract other children to consider getting themselves Hornby boats so that they could join in - encouraging lone users to band together to form clubs and have public club meetings was a useful way to create public awareness and recruit new customers.

Advertising text, 1935

" Every owner of a Hornby Speed Boat or Hornby Racing Boat should join the Hornby Speed Boat Club. This may be done by purchasing the badge, illustrated above, from any Meccano dealer, price 6d. "

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