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The Hornby Dublo Book of Trains appeared in 1959 as a reinvention and tribute to of the original pre-war "Hornby Book of Trains" concept, but presenting two-and three-rail Hornby Dublo products rather than the gauge 0 products that were in the original Hornby Book of Trains.


While the "Dublo" version of the "Book" retained the landscape format and the idea of a mixture of colour product artwork and information about real trains, it mixed the format up a little - instead of having central colour pages on products sandwiched between black and white articles about real railways, the "Dublo Book" was colour throughout, and mixed up pictures of real and model trains for comparison, often using double-page spreads to show an example of real railway practice on the left, and the Hornby Dublo equivalent on the right, with the Dublo graphics often bleeding across the centre divide.


  • 1 Front cover - Two "Royal Scot" Duchess-class locomotives in red and green - "City of London" and "Duchess of Montrose"
  • 2 Photo - oiling the wheels of a 4-6-2 "Princess"
  • 3 The Real Railway Scene
  • 4 Into the Model World
  • 5 What Makes a Locomotive Go? - cutaway diagram
  • 6-7 Nearly a Mile a Minute Run of More Than 400 Miles - Duchess class
  • 8-9 Famous Named Trains on the East Coast Route - A4 locomotives
  • 10-11 The Way to the West from Paddington - King Class, Bristol Castle
  • 12-13 Trains on the Southern - suburban tank loco (two-rail)
  • 14-15 Moving a Million Tons a Day - freight trains
  • 16-17 Speeding up the Goods! - goods trains, miscellaneous
  • 18-19 Diesels are Here!
  • 20-21 What the local "Pick-up Goods" does Day by Day
  • 22-23 Variety in Steam
  • 24-25 Mixed Traffic Engines
  • 26/27 A Network of Steel Rails / The New Hornby-Dublo Two-rail Track
  • 28-29 Hornby-Dublo Three-Rail Track
  • 30-31 Signalling for Speed and Safety
  • 32-33 The Guardian Arms of Semaphore Signals
  • 34-35 How Engines are Turned in Actual practice ... / ... And in Hornby-Dublo
  • 36-37 By the Lineside
  • 38-39 Things to Make your Layout Look Real
  • 40-41 The Royal Mail ... / ... And in Hornby-Dublo
  • 42-43 "Train Now Arrived ..." - passenger carriages
  • 44-47 Making up the Goods Trains - goods rolling stock
  • 48 "The Big Hook" - 4620 Breakdown Crane

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