Helicopter construction set 42020 (Lego Technic)

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As of March 2014, the Lego Technics Helicopter set 42020 is the entry-level Lego Technics set (available for about eight pounds from the Brighton Lego Store). This makes it the cheapest way of trying out the Lego Technics system (using a new, current set).

The set is mostly made of grey, blue and white Lego Technic parts, including some bevel gears and six rotor blades. It comes with two sets of instruction manuals, for building one of two alternative helicopter designs: a small single-rotor 'copter whose blades rotate when you turn a side-knob, or a larger twin-rotor helicopter that seems to be inspired by the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, where manually rotating one set of blades makes the second set rotate.

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