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The Lego Store, Brighton used to be built into the front of Brighton's Churchill Square Shopping Centre (Unit 9) where it was highly visible from the outside, but invisible and inaccessible to visitors inside the shopping centre.

In around (2012? 2013?) it relocated to inside the shopping centre and is now situated on the lower level (Unit 78), with its frontage pointing towards the shopping centre's central atrium area (which is often used for temporary displays and promotions).


The Brighton Lego Store's new location is larger than its old location, making it more roomy and easier to get about in on days when the shop is packed with kids. As well as the main stock, it has a Pick-a-Brick section where you can fill a small or large plastic cup with pick-and-mix Lego parts for £6 0r £11 (depending on the cup size), a Minifigure creator stand, built examples of recent products on display, and play areas.

It also has an augmented reality kiosk, where you can stand holding a product box from the shelves, and it'll show a live image of you holding the box, with a 3D computer-generated animated image of the completed model appearing to rest on the box. Rotating the box then lets you view the model from different angles.


The first Thursday of each month is usually a Lego Monthly Mini-Build (4-6pm), where parents can come in with their children (ages 6-14) and make a mini-model. The mini-model is different each month, and usually has a seasonal theme.

Address and contact details

  • Unit 78, Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2TF
  • Phone: 01273 772670

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