Harbour Models (Triang Minic)

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Harbour Models (Triang Minic)

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Arch Two , Area 18
Tri-ang Minic Ships (display)

A selection of 1:1200 scale models of various harbour structures. Part of the Tri-Ang Minic range produced between 1959 and 1964.

The Museum's Minic ship display contains the following Harbour model components:

  • M827: Breakwater straight. (x7)
  • M828/L: Breakwater angle Left (x2)
  • M828/R: Breakwater angle Right
  • M829: Breakwater end (x2)
  • M836: Quay Straight (x11)
  • M837: Crane unit (x2). This model came in two colour options 'Green' or 'Tan'. We have 2 'Tan' models.
  • M838: Storage Tank. This model was available in 'Grey' or 'Silver'. We have the Silver version.
  • M839: Customs Shed.
  • M840: Warehouse.
  • M841: Ocean Terminal Building (x2).
  • M843: Ocean Terminal Extension.
  • M844: Lock Gates.

'The Complete Pier' comprising of:

  • M847: Centre section (x2) We also have an additional 2 of this piece.
  • M848: Entrance section (x1) We have an additional 1 of these.
  • M849: Pier Head
  • M850: Pier Shelter (x2) we have an additional 1 of these.
  • M851: Entrance Archway (x1) we have an additional 1 of these.
  • M852: Pier Head Building.

The 'Complete Pier' models are fairly uncommon compared to most of the other harbour models produced.

  • M878: Lighthouse.
  • M882: Beacon.
  • M884: Statue of Liberty. This model is also fairly uncommon and was also found in the SS United States box set.
  • M885: Floating Dry Dock.
  • M880: Whale. The whale is quite a rare model and came in either blue or grey of which we have the grey version. The Whale model also served another purpose in that when a Helicopter model was needed for the HMS Albion Commando Ship model the whale was used with a propeller from M783: HMS Hampshire nailed to it's head!

When is a whale not a whale? When it's a helicopter.

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