H.W.M Racing Car (Dinky Toys 235)

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H.W.M Racing Car (Dinky Toys 235)

Dinky Toys 235 - HWM Racing Car.jpg Dinky Toys 235 H.W.M Racing Car (i)
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Model 235
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 7

1953 - 1954

A green H.W.M Racing Car, Dinky Toys 235, with green wheels and a white driver.

The model was advertised in Meccano Magazine, May 1953, as "Ready during May".


Hersham and Walton Motors was the name of a garage in Walton-upon-Thames, whose owners, George Abecassis and John Heath, started a racing team in 1946, and got into Formula 1 racing. The team was disbanded shortly after Heath died in a race in Italy, in 1956.

Not many of the HWM cars were built, one went to Hollywood where it was used as Kirk Douglas' car in the film, "The Racers" (1955).

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HWM Racing Car, Dinky Toys 235

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