George the Fifth locomotive (Bing, N scale)

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George the Fifth locomotive (Bing, N scale)

George the Fifth train set, early N-scale, detail (Bing).jpg Early Bing N-scale floor train set, George the Fifth, detail (i)
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An early boxed model of the black LNWR 4-4-0 George the Fifth locomotive with tender and five carriages, made in rough N-scale made by Bing.

The model is designed around a ~nine millimetre wheelbase, which would normnally be referred to as N gauge. However, this type of model is technically "no-gauge", since it's not designed to run on rails. This early version of what later became N-gauge is sometimes referred to as "prehistoric" N-scale.


The train comes in a long box with a red-brown exterior and yellow innards, and a single horizontal divider. The lid label has a slightly generic painting of a black locomotive pulling a train, and the markings GBN (Gebrüder Bing, Nuremburg) and is marked "Form 795" in its lower right corner.

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