GWR Railcar (Dinky Toys 26)

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GWR Railcar (Dinky Toys 26)

GWR Rail Car, Dinky Toys No 26 (1935 BHTMP).jpg 1935: GWR Railcar, catalogue image (i)
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Arch Two , Area 25
The Legend of Hornby
Shelf 4

A rare green and white diecast model of a GWR Railcar, Dinky Toys Number 26.

Dinky produced these two-tone railcar models in a variety of colours

The GWR Railcars

As well as a rail network, the Great Western Railway extended its reach into shipping, air services and bus travel, and this bus-ownership aspect may have given the GWR the confidence to try running "diesel buses on rails" on their rail network in the 1930s

These distinctive streamlined, single-deck 69-seater diesel-powered railcars (known as "flying bananas") were powered by bus engines.

Their wooden panelling appears to have been rather flammable, and the combination of a hot diesel engine, wooden superstructure and gas led to the occasional fire, which may have helped speed their withdrawal from service.


Three examples of the railcars are currently preserved, numbers 4 (at Swindon Steam Museum), 20 (at Kent & East Sussex Railway), and 22 (at the Didcot Railway Centre).

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