Fury clockwork Torpedo Boat (Sutcliffe Pressings Ltd)

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Fury clockwork Torpedo Boat (Sutcliffe Pressings Ltd)

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Arch Four , Area 35
Toy and Model Boats (display)

A red and grey pressed steel clockwork model "Fury" Torpedo Boat, made by Sutcliffe Pressings.


The boat is around 24cm long (plus rudder), and has a bulbous bright red hull, pale grey superstructure an a gold rim where the upper and lower pressings join.

The superstructure includes two fixed forward gun turrets, a bridge with (missing) mast and mast-holder, a long sloped funnel, a rear gun, and a double torpedo launcher.


The rear upper hull is embossed "SUTCLIFFE MADE IN ENGLAND" and there's a circular red, black and gold transfer on the upper surface just behind the prow, designed to look like a lifebelt, with the same words.

The boat is scheduled to be added to the boats display in late February 2017