Fire Engine (Triang Minic 62ME)

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Fire Engine (Triang Minic 62ME)

Fire Engine with electric headlight and battery, Minic 2867 (TriangCat 1937).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 65
1930s Layout, central section, front

A pre-war clockwork model of a Fire Engine, made by Tri-ang as part of the Minic vehicles range, model number 62ME, with E standing for Electric.

The Fire Engine is painted bright red and has open and closing hatches, and white tyres. It also has an extending ladder and working electric headlights.

Tnis was one of the most elaborate pre-war Minic models in terms of the complexity and number of parts required to manufacture it. Lines Brothers seem to have decided that a bright red clockwork fire angine with ladder and bell was such a desirable toy, that they might as well "push the boat out" and try to make something really special, complete with electric lighting.

Pre-and post-war

This is the pre-war 1930s electric version of the Minic Fire Engine – the pre-war versions were all fitted with electric lights with the lower hatch being the battery compartment, the post-war models were not electric but still kept the lower hatch.

A 1937 image of the Tri-ang Minic Fire engine, model number 62ME.

Further reading

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