Fenchurch Walk

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Fenchurch Walk is a wide pedestrian walkway on the recently redeveloped area of land that used to be occupied by Brighton Locomotive Works.

It has a series of poster-sized plaques celebrating Brighton's history (with an emphasis on the railway).



  • The reason why plaque #3 also features the Mallard locomotive is not entirely clear, as the Mallard was not designed or built in Brighton, didn't run a Brighton service, and doesn't seem to have ever visited (unlike, say, the Flying Scotsman, which did make a ceremonial trip to Brighton).
  • The E1 tank locomotive was the forerunner of the E2 (also built in Brighton), which had a more stumpy funnel. The "second-series" version of the E2, with its forward-projecting water tanks, was used as the basis of Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Plaques 5-7 are on the wall of the Sainsbury's supermarket building. Pop inside the entrance and you'll see a children's ride-on model of Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • A "Q1" locomotive also appeared in "Thomas and Friends", as the locomotive "Neville".