Farm playset lead figures (Johillco)

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Farm playset lead figures (Johillco)

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Arch Two , Area 8
The Farm (display)

A collection of painted lead figures from the Farm collection series produced by John Hill & Co. (Johillco).

Individual pieces

299 Round haystack

Pre-war. Pale yellow. Fairly common.

___ Square haystack
Pre and post-war. Also produced in tin. Pale yellow. Rare.
386 Child to ride Carthorse
Pre-war. Girl with blue dress and blonde hair.
3745 Farmers wife seated
Seated. Blue dress with white apron. Pre war.
246MS Haystack Ladder
Pre and post-war. Fairly common?
359 Large open dovecote with pigeon and dove
Pre-war only. Hexagonal shape, painted cream with hexagonal green roof. ;Green ‘grass’ base. Rare.
794 Hens nest set
(Hen on nest with eggs issued as individual items pre-war 286/287. Rectangular nest, painted cream. I don’t see any eggs!. Fairly common.
246N Pig sty
Pre war
277/285 Rabbit (standing)
(277) Pre-war and (285) Post-war. Grey. Very common.
407/787 Fox
(407) pre-war and (787) post-war. Red/brown. Fairly common.
373/782 Squirrel
(373) Pre-war and (782) post-war). Red/brown. Fairly common.
157/764 Hedge
(green with yellow flecks) (157) Pre-war and (764) post-war. Fairly common.
246A Walnut tree
Yellow-flecked. Pre-war. Rare. x 3
246E/767 Iris
(Pre-war issued as Flags or Iris 246E; post-war 767) Fairly common.
401 Country Milestone
Pre and Post War. Came with various destinations printed on paper stickers each side Faily common
403/755 Tramp
Pre and post war (755 post war). Faded sack with no spots.
389 Four wheel cattle float
(Including Horse) Grey float with red wheels and white horse. Lacks seated drover and cattle not as illustrated. Pre-war. Rare. In comparison to Britains.
246/350 Signpost (Two arm)
Directions cast in ‘Village’ and ‘To the Mill’. White with green ‘grass’ base. Pre-war (246?) Very common or (350?) Fairly common. Larger signposts came with various destinations printed on paper stickers each side.
278 Pond
Post war
786/500G Swan
Post war (500G pre war)
739/264 Charging Bull
Brown. Issued pre war as 'Charging steer' (739)
330 Flour sack (full)
Pre-war. Painted cream but much paint chipped off. Fairly common.
316 Millers Labourer Carrying Sack
Pre-war. UK colourway.