FROG mailplane, flying model (Triang)

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FROG mailplane, flying model (Triang)

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A blue Tri-ang FROG ("Flies Right Off the Ground") early pre-War rubber-band-powered model Mail Plane with yellow propellor, complete with original box and leaflet.

The model's leaflet describes the plane as a "2-seat high-speed freight-carrying monoplane type mk VI", and lists the manufacturer as being "International Model Aircraft Limited, Triang Works, Morden Road, Merton", and also mentions Lines Bros. Ltd.

The plane's body is a lightweight metal shell for sturdiness, but its wings are reinforced paper to save weight.

1937 catalogue description

A model of the very modern high speed freight carrying monoplane, special designed for carrying mails. Fitted with the famous “Frog” patent detachable wings, a sprung steel “Dowty Type” undercarriage, aluminium spats over the wheels, and typical modern pilot’s celluloid cabin. The aeroplane is finished in the official air mail colours with the correct insignia and badges. It flies 600 feet and has a duration of about 30 seconds, and is as nearly as possible crash proof. The undercarriage is not detachable but folds back in a really bad landing.

Fitted with twin elastic motors and step-up twin gear-box (3.4:1). Span 18”. Complete with Patent High Speed Winder Box.

Price 12'6 complete

— -, Tri-ang catalogue, 1937

1937 catalogue image

About FROG

The FROG brand seems to have originally been intended for flying aircraft models (Flies Right Off Ground"), but as the company produced other sorts of model aircraft, the highly-recognisable FROG name and logotype became attached to non-flying plastic models under the sub-brand "FROG Penguin" (named after a non-flying bird). Eventually the original "flying" aspect of the name seemed to be sidelined and largely forgotten, and "FROG" became simply a brand of aircraft model, with a picture of a frog in its brand symbol.

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