Emebo battery-powered electric motor (Meccano Ltd)

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Emebo battery-powered electric motor (Meccano Ltd)

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A small "Emebo" Meccano battery-powered electric motor with bright red plastic casing, produced by Meccano Ltd., from around circa ~1962-ish onwards.

We're assuming that the unusual African-sounding name is actually a contraction of "Em" "E" "bo", or M, E, B-O, for "Meccano Electric Battery-Operated" ... but his doesn't seem to be stated obviously anywhere in the literature. The strange name probably goes some way to explaining why the motor wasn't more popular.


This most economical but amazingly powerful motor – housed in a bright red moulded case – is battery operated and has a rating of 4½ to 12 volts D.C. When used with batteries such as Exide H30 (or Ever Ready 126) a suitable Battery Controller will provide speed control both forward and reverse. It may also be run from a 6-volt accumulator.

The EMEBO Motor will operate most models of suitable type made from Meccano Outfits up to No.6. U.K Price 19/6

— , Meccano Ltd., , Meccano Magazine, , December 1962

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