Elektrikit Outfit (Meccano Ltd)

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Elektrikit Outfit (Meccano Ltd)

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A boxed Elektrikit set of parts intended to be used alongside conventional Meccano ("for use with sets 3 and higher").

Elektrikit started out as a Meccano France product, but was arguably mismarketed in the UK, and didn't do well. However, some of the individual electrical Meccano parts introduced by Elektrikit were gratefully used by generations of dedicated Meccano modelbuilders who wanted to add electrical features (such as automated switching lights) to their models without "cheating" by using non-Meccano parts.

Box artwork

The box lid is dominated by vertical blue, white and red blocks (from left to right), which is probably a reference to the French flag and the French origins of the product.

MECCANO Elektrikit for building electrical models

This new kit is a MUST for every ambitious Meccano Model-builder! The Elektrikit contains a collection of electrical components, such as Coils and Magnets, Insulating Plates, Lamps and Lamp Holders, Commutator and pick-up Wipers, etc., which can be used in conjunction with standard Meccano Parts to build a wide range of fascinating electrical models. Packed with the Outfit is an attractively prepared and illustrated Book of Electrical Models. Among these models are Morse Telegraph Transmitting and Receiving Apparatus, Electric Bell, Magnetic Crane Grab, Synchronous and other electric motors, etc.

The Elektrikit is designed for use with a standard Meccano Outfit No.3 or larger. In addition to enabling the building of purely electrical models, the Elektrikit parts enable lights to be fitted to Big Wheels, Traction engines, etc., and permit many other interesting modifications of standard Meccano models.

Elektrikit parts list

Part No.Quantity
10      Fishplate5
12Angle Bracket – 1/2" × 1/2"2
12bAngle Bracket – 1 × 1/2"2
12c Angle Bracket – obtuse2
16bAxle Rod – 3"1
19bPulley – 3" dia1
24aWheel Disc – 8 holes2
37bBolt – 7/32"30
69aGrub Screw – 5/32"6
111Bolt – 3/4" 4
111aBolt – ½”8
111cBolt – 3/8" 7
111dBolt – 1 1/8"4
115Threaded Pin2
120bCompression Spring1
140yCollar, 4 holes2
147bPivot Bolt1
186aDriving Band – 6"1
186bDriving Band – 10"2
501Insulating Strip – 5 ½"2
502Insulating Strip – 2 ½"2
503Insulating Strip – 1 ½"2
507Insulating Flat Girder – 2 1/2"1
508Insulating Flat Girder – 1 1/2"1
510Insulating Plate – 5 1/2" × 2 1/2"1
511 Insulating Plate – 2 1/2" × 2 1/2"1
513Insulating Fishplate2
514Insulating Bush Wheel – 8 holes1
516Insulating Bush Wheel – 6 holes1
518Bush Wheel – 1” diameter1
520Rectangular Coil, with base2
522Cylindrical Coil2
525Core Holder for Rectangular Coil4
526Core for Rectangular Coil 2
527 Core for Cylindrical Coil – Slotted2
528 Core for Cylindrical Coil – 1"2
529Strip – 2"2
530Flexible Strip – 2"2
531Wiper Arm – 1" Radius – Flexible2
532 Wiper Arm – 1 1/2" Radius – Flexible   2
533 Wiper Arm – 2" Radius – Bent 2
534Slotted Strip – 2"2
537Permanent Magnet2
538Magnet Holder2
539Lamp Holder4
540cLamp – Clear1
540j Lamp – Yellow1
540r Lamp – Red1
540v Lamp – Green1
542Terminal Nut4
543Contact Screw2
544Contact Stud8
545Pivot Bolt – 1/2"2
548Pivot Bolt – 3 1/2"1
549Pivot Bolt – 2"1
550Short Pivot2
551Flat Commutator1
554Short Circuit Piece2
555Rod with Square End – 4"1
556Reel of PVC Insulating Sleeving1
557Reel of Bare Copper Wire1
558Coil of Connecting Wire1
559Coil of Paper1
560Dial Card1
561Washer - Thin13
563Screwed Rod – 2"2
564Insulating Spacer2
1585Tube of Oil1

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