Dribbler steam floor locomotive (Unidentified)

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Dribbler steam floor locomotive (Unidentified)

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Arch Two , Area 3
Toyshop Steam (display)

An 0-4-0 "Dribbler" steam-powered railway locomotive floor toy from the late Nineteenth or early Twentieth Century, donated by the Batting family.

"Dribbler" live steam toy locomotive, museum example number two


The little locomotive has a wealth of notable detail, from the scrolled upper edges of the tender, to the glass sighting tube for water levels. The front axle deliberately deviates ot one side, so that the loco, running unattended, will run in a circle. However, this circle is so large that unless one has a handy great hall or ballroom, it would probably best be used outside.


The locomotive is currently awaiting a proper identification (after which it can be labelled and go on display) ... but our first guess based on the loco's styling and construction is that it may be German, and might be by Ernst Plank.