Drakensberg Garratt NGG13 dual-bogey steam locomotive (Aster gauge 1)

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Drakensberg Garratt NGG13 dual-bogey steam locomotive (Aster gauge 1)

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Arch Four , Area 39
End Cabinet (display)
Shelf 5

A gauge 1 burgundy and silver two-power-bogey Drakensberg South African Railways Garratt NGG13 steam locomotive model, made by LGB/Aster.

The Garratt design had a conventional-looking locomotive body, with a second drive unit attached in front of the boiler. The Garratt's two power bogeys gave the locomotive a total of twelve drive wheels in a comparatively small space, and gave the South African Railway a way of running high-traction locomotives on narrow-gauge track.


Unusually for Garratt-design locomotives, the NG G13 Class weren't produced by Beyer Peacock and Company Limited (who had the patent) ... due to bad feeling between the UK and South African governments, South Africa decided that they didn't want the manufacturing contract to go to a British company, and instead gave it to the German firm Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG ("Hanomag"), who developed the NG G13 class design in ~1927, in consultation with the South African government.

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