Dealer accessory cabinet (Lott's Bricks)

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A wooden "Dealer's Accessory Cabinet", for Lott's Bricks.

Lott's Bricks "Dealer Cabinet", with the lid open

Lott's Bricks "Dealer Cabinet", with the lid open [image info]

Lott's Bricks "Dealer Cabinet", unpacked

Lott's Bricks "Dealer Cabinet", unpacked [image info]

This is a very sturdy dark brown wooden case with two front latches and a hinged lid, and four internal trays holding an array of "special" add-on bricks for the Lott's stone building sets, which could be sold individually by the dealer.

It doesn't include any of the standard bricks, as these could be bought easily by purchasing the standard Lott's sets.

A colour block listing and price list is pasted inside the lid.