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Vogue Steel Construction Sets

1950s - 1960s

Vogue Steel Construction Sets were produced in the 1950s and 1960s by Vogue Playthings Ltd. of Melton Mowbray, England, during the 1950s and 1960s.

A fairly standard-looking "Meccano clone" with green strips and red plates just like Meccano, the "Vogue" sets were distinguished by having "octagonal" strips – flat-ended strips with the corners clipped off at 45 degrees – and by the distinctive box artwork. The range of parts and sets was comparatively limited, with just three sets and five spare parts sets (one of which consisted only of nuts and bolts and a "spandriver"). At first glance it wasn't immediately obvious that the strips had 45-degree angles rather than curves, but the change probably helped Vogue argue that they weren't completely "aping" Meccano Ltd.

Vogue also couldn't hope to compete with Meccano Ltd when it came to producing model plans, and their instruction booklets made a point of stressing that it was much more important to develop your own designs than to slavishly copy something from a book.

Vogue Parts

Instruction manual description



This manual even if it contained a hundred pages, could show only a small portion of the models it is possible to build with the contents of the Vogue Set. No attempt is therefore made to illustrate the hundreds of simple models upon which you can start to work without delay.

Porter's barrows, handcarts, swings, signals, scales, bridges, simple cranes and vehicles of all description; these and a hundred others will immediately suggest themselves to the fortunate possessor of a Vogue Set. Start with simple models, and you will quickly master the idea of using the special span driver, and how the various standard parts can be built into quite complicated working models.


All Vogue parts are standard, and any two pieces can be bolted together with the standard sized nuts and screws supplied. Do not tighten the nuts more than necessary to hold the pieces firmly, and you will avoid damage to screw threads, and lengthen the life of your Set.


These can be made with string, and the grooved pulley wheels in the Set. A reef knot is the best to use, as this knot will not slip. if you wish to reverse the drive, loop the string over the wheels making sure it crosses in the middle.


The models are all simple and easy to start with. Designed by our engineers upon proved mechanical principles, any of them can be built with the contents of the Set as number shown on top of each page. The illustrated models will doubtless give you other ideas for even more complicated designs, and you will find that it is by overcoming the problems of construction that you will derive your keenest enjoyment.

A successful model "made out of your head" is worth a dozen made out of this book.


To enable you to make larger and more complicated models, and to enable you to replace any lost or broken parts, special inexpensive Supplementary Spare Parts have now been produced, and may be obtained though any Vogue Set Dealer. Full particulars may be found on the inside back cover of this book.


  • No. 1, for Junior.
  • No. 2, Intermediate
  • No. 3, Senior


  • Vogue Playthings Ltd., Egerton Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

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