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Trix Express was the brandname for the original line of two-rail 00/HO model railways developed by Stefan Bing's new toymaking company in Germany after the demise of the original Bing company.

With Bassett-Lowke Ltd. designing UK-pattern bodyshells for the British market, it was natural for Stefan to migrate to the UK during the 1930s and produce his new range of three-rail model railways (Trix Twin Railway, TTR) over there.

With ownership of the original company remaining in Germany, the "Trix Express" name continued to be used after the War (alongside the new Trix International name), with the continental company specialising in H0-scale two-rail model railways, and the UK's separate Trix Ltd. specialising in 00-scale three-rail railways for the UK market.

In the museum

The museum has a small collection of Trix Express pieces in Arch Four, waiting to be listed.

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