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The Life Story of Meccano, written by Frank Hornby, was originally an ongoing series of short, typically single-column articles in the earliest (very slim) issues of Meccano Magazine, that at the time made up a significant part of the magazine's content.

1932 republication

The articles were revised, merged and re-edited and a new version of the series was published in the magazine in 1932. The revised articles were typically longer (sometimes merging parts of the original serial into a single entry).

Some of the alterations are interesting: for instance, Hornby's original optimistic column on the opening of the New Jersey factory in the US, and his opinion that nothing seemed to be in the way of a large expansion into the US market, is understandably not present in the 1932 series, after the loss of the factory and the selling-off of the US company to Gilbert in ~1929.

We've transcribed some of the 1932 articles, linked below.

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