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We currently know of five individually-named rubber-powered boats made by Bowman, plus the Aeroboats range.

Price-wise, the entry-level boat was the Firefly, with its elastic band running below its hull in line with the propeller and costing just 1/11, with the top-of-the-range model being the Aeroboat II, costing 17/6.


Length 28". Runs 5 mins. Special "Easiwind" rubber motor.
30" (rubber?)
22" (rubber?)
Length 20" Fast-running rubber motor.
length 27". Rubber band-driven racer
Length 32 ½". Runs 12-15 mins. Special "Easiwind" rubber motor.
Aeroboat No.I
32" × 4¼"
Aeroboat No.II
30" × 3½"
Aeroboat Junior
30" × 3"


The FIREFLY Rubber Driven Boat

This is a well-made and handsomely finished boat driven by strong elastic. The hull is 21 ins. long, and 2½ ins beam, and fitted with double elastic which drives at a fast rate in any calm water. With no mechanism to go wrong, a child can use it and get fine fun for hours together. All materials used are of the best quality, but mass production methds have brought the price down to make the boat exceptionally good value. There is nothing to compare with it


A racer 27 inches long for only 1'3d!

Boys, you've never seen anything like this before – for 1s 3d.! Here's a sleek and snappy speedboat, beautifully built in wood and painted in 3 colours, fitted with a spray shield, rudder, and driven by a high speed rubber driven motor.

Buy a "Whirlwind Racer" to-day. Nothing has even approached it in value under double the price.

— , Bowman Models, , Hobbies Weekly, , 20th August 1932


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