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The Hornby-Dublo Ring Field Motor appeared in (1960?) as a superior replacement for the motors on the company's earlier model locomotives. The company considered the motor to be a significant piece of engineering, and many of their subsequent products boasted the "Hornby Ring Field Motor" logo on their packaging - even some of the obviously non-motorised items such as plastic railway station kits!

1963 catalogue promotional image

As a publicity stunt, the company ran a Hornby-Dublo "Castle" locomotive (containing a ringfield) continuously on a closed track under lab conditions for four days (sealed behind glass for the four days to prevent any human intervention), during which time it logged round 46,000 circuits of the small track, giving a total (real!) distance travelled of 153 miles.

1960: "Peak Performance with the new Hornby-Dublo Ring Field Motor"

" Here’s great news for all model railway enthusiasts. The new "PEAK-POWER" Ring Field motor is now being fitted to several of the new Hornby-Dublo Locomotives for more power, finer control and smoother running.
You must see for yourself what a different this brilliant piece of model engineering makes. "Cardiff Castle", for instance, will now pull many more coaches at a steady 130 mph in scale equivalent.


  1. High torque, particularly at low speeds, with complete freedom from magnetic locking.
  2. Flat speed/load curve, providing equivalent speed control whether lightly or heavily loaded.
  3. Protected motor. Commutator, armature and brush gear completely shrouded to keep out dirt and fluff.
  4. Motor housed in solid die-cast frame, giving great rigidity of construction and ensuring quiet running with minimum of vibration.
  5. Fully suppressed. "

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