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Pushbutton train

BTMM map 063.gif

Arch Three , Area 63
1930s Layout, goods side

Although most of the trains and locomotives on the central 1930s layout are only run on special public train running days twice a year, we have one interactive goods train that can run a single circuit of the layout when a pushbutton is pressed.

The locomotive is a modern ACE Trains model, hauling a set of twelve 1930s Hornby goods wagons.

Rolling stock

  • Grey Wagon, GW
  • Grey Double-Hopper Wagon
  • Fyffe's Bananas Wagon
  • Blue and white Cadbury's Chocolate Van
  • Red Crawfords Biscuits Van
  • Seccotine Wagon
  • Yellow Colmans Mustard Van
  • Green Wakefield Castrol Motor Oil Tanker
  • Silver ESSO tanker
  • Grey side-tipper wagon with red lining, Sir Robert Macalpine and Sons
  • White Refrigerator wagon
  • Grey GW Guards Van with white roof