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Pin-It construction outfits

1919 -     

PINIT (or PIN-IT) was a wooden construction set system consisting of a collection of long thin square cross-section wooden rods drilled with holes, and standard "split pins" to connect them together.

1920s: Pin-It, "Use the hook to insert and withdraw pins"

Patent details

The patent for the system (GB159330) was applied for on 27th November 1919 by Percy Samuel Fowler, Automobile Engineer, of 15 Cobham Road, Norbiton, Surrey, and was granted in February 1921.

Fowler had also patented another constructional toy idea (GB191504520 ― 1916-02-17), of a "Meccano-like" system that used pegs with tapered ends instead of nuts and bolts.

Printed listing information

  • OUTFIT NO. 0 – contains 225 pieces including parts used in made up model to illustrate method of construction, instruction sheet with illustration of models. There is sufficient material to make 10 complete models at the same time without taking apart; and when taken apart, about 50 othe rmodels may be constructed with the material.
  • OUTFIT NO. 1 – contains a different made up model to illustrate working movements, all the materials as in No. 0 and in addition, an aluminium propellor, flat strips, flanged wheels, extra long strips, etc., etc., which will enable the worker to make many more and also more elaborate models.
  • OUTFIT NO.2 – contains a still different made up model, and in addition to all the materials contained in Outfits Nos. 0 and 1, includes other sections of strips such as 1/4" × 1/4", 5/8", and 1/2" flat strips, larger wheels, aluminium propellors, and many more PINIT pins; also a beautifully illustrated Instruction Book shewing a large range of photographic designs of models which, however, do not do them full justice, as the beauty can be more fully appreciated when the actual models are seen.
  • OUTFIT NO. 3 – contains two made up models to illustrate method of construction, all the materials in Outfits Nos. 0, 1 and 2, and, in addition, many other and larger wheels, pins, etc., also domes and Nickel Plated Rings, Aluminium Propellors, etc., for making up Triplanes, Airships, Lighthouses, bicycles, Windmills, Motor Cycles and Side Cars, together with a further Instruction Sheet, complete with a Handsome Wood frame box.
  • No.4 SCOTCH CRANE OUTFIT. – While it is possible to construct the majority of models made from Outfits Nos. 0, 1, 2 and 3, this set is intended , in some directions, to break away from the foregoing, and is offered as a Outfit that can be used by and interest the most intellectual – even the fully qulified Architectural Engineer. But at the same time, we would most emphatically point out that the models of this set are not of too technical a nature for the average boy and girl to undertake.
As suggested by the title, this Outfit lays itself open more particularly for the construction of a Scotch Crane, and a special interest is centred in this type of crane as the prototype can be seen in operation whenever large buildings are in the course of erection. This is perhaps the most realistic working model that can be made from any Construction Toy ever offered. We have further enhanced the interest and educational value of this Outfit by introducing a standard engineers' bue print (sectional plan) with full instructions how to read same.
While constructing this model, with the help of the blue print, the worker has the satisfaction of knowing that he is actually working in practice, in exactly the same manner as is adopeted by all engineers.
This Outfit No. 4 contains in addition to a larger supply of the usual materials and special parts for the Scotch Crane, such as Nickel Plated Grooved Pulleys, Hanging Pulleys, Strainers, Brackets, etc., full size Blue Print and working instructions, large photographic illustration of the Scotch Crane on the box lid, made up sections of this model to illustrate methd of construction, and also two other very fine ready made up models. Complete in handsome case.


  • PINIT Ltd., Old Palace Yard, Richmond, Surrey

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