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ON the railways of America it is a favourite practice, on the chief expresses, to make the last coach at the back of the train an observation car. It is provided with windows all round the rear end, so that the fortunate people inside have a practically uninterrupted view of the scenery along the line, mile after mile, as the train hurries along and leaves it behind. At the back of the car is an open platform, and there is a good deal of competition, in fine and warm weather, for the seats in this jolly position.

On the long Canadian Pacific journey across the Rocky Mountains, for hour after hour, the trainpasses slowly through the most magnificent scenery. So that the passengers may enjoy this to the full, the large open car has been built that you see in the last picture. This will accommodate quite a large proportion of the passengers on the observation car proper; and in the middle of the summer it is clear that there is no lack of people anxious to travel in this open-air fashion.

— , Cecil J. Allen, , Railway Wonders,