Observation railway carriage 1691 (Ives 1932)

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Observation railway carriage 1691 (Ives 1932)

Ives Trains 1691 observation car.jpg Ives Trains observation car 1691, detail (i)
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A red and yellow gauge 0 observation car, marked "Ives R.R. Lines", 1691, produced under the Ives name by the Lionel factory in Irvington, New Jersey, in 1932.

This car was the companion to the matching number 1690 passenger car, and differs in being "open" at one end, terminating in an observation platform with gold-coloured safety railings.

This example has a yellow back wall to the observation platform, which is reckoned to be a variation based on leftover stock parts from the yellow-and-blue version that was produced at Irvington the previous year.

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  • Al McDuffee Greenberg's Guide to Ives Trains 1901-1932 (Greenberg 1984), page 150 ISBN 0897780132