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Moritz Gottschalk

1873 - 1972

Moritz Gottshalk, born in 1840, originally started his company as a book-binding service located in the town of Marienberg, Saxony, however from 1873 onward he turned his hand to the production of dolls’ houses, furniture and other toys which saw increased growth in the company and a development into a leading manufacturer of doll’s houses. Throughout the latter half of the 19th century Gottshalk became world renowned for their dollhouses' high quality and were shipping products all over the world.

Despite numerous setbacks such as the two World Wars and the separation of Germany, leaving Gottshalk located in the Soviet-aligned East, the company continued to make houses from 1947 to 1972, when all remaining private enterprises were nationalised by the government.

The legacy of Gottshalk houses lies in the high quality and attention to detail they afforded to every product they made, making many of the dolls’ houses highly desirable and collectible, with some fetching high prices at auction today.

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