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Apart from their steam-powered model railway locomotives, Märklin also produced a range of other steam-powered toys and models. While it's not a surprise that the company produced vertical and horizontal stationary steam engines, the sheer range of models, options and variants is slightly bewildering, with most models (some of which appearing to be only fractionally different to their adjacent model numbers) also available in a range of sizes. While keeping an inventory of so many different models and variants seems like a very inefficient way to do business, Märklin may have been making a point: that they were THE metal toy maker, and that no matter what stationary steam engine you wanted, they could probably sell it to you – you might just have to spend some time trying to work out what the heck to order!

The company also sold a small range of "live steam"-powered model steamrollers and tractors. The 1931 catalogue doesn't include a steam car – it's not obvious whether the focus on "industrial" vehicles was an attempt to focus on authenticity, or whether the choice of vehicles that were naturally slow-moving may have been a nod towards safety – a fast-moving toy with an alcohol burner and a naked flame would have posed an obvious safety hazard.

1921 catalogue text (French)

Steam Engines

OUR engines, while being small mechanical marvels, have tested solidity and safe and perfect operation.

We do not limit ourselves to demonstrating the functioning of the machine; We also want to keep the interest and creative impetus of children constantly awakened by equipping even our smallest engines with a GREAT POWER that allows them to operate a certain number of mechanical accessories, real miniature factories can be arranged and their use can be varied infinitely.

ALL PARTS ARE THREADED, the child can easily disassemble and reassemble their engine and thus be aware of the smallest details of the construction.

The materials used are of the first order. The boiler is TUBULAR, a single piece of reinforced copper; Finely nickel-plated copper fittings, solid cast iron or iron plate bases. All our cylinders are FIXED with advanced injection. For safety, the heating with alcohol is done by lamps very practically arranged, almost all with gas flasks.

The steam pressure which our engines attain by their own means is from 2 to 3 atmospheres and to avoid any danger of explosion each engine is tested at a pressure of 4 to 5 atmospheres before leaving our factories. A perfectly constructed safety valve completes the specifications of each piece.

Moteurs à Vapeur

NOS moteurs, tout en étant de petites merveilles de méchanique, sont d'une solidité à épreuve et d'un fontionnement sûr et parfait.

Nous ne nous bornons pas à démontrer le foncionnement de la machine; nou désirons aussi tenir constamment en éveil l'intérêt et l'initiative créatrice de d'enfant en dotant même nos plus petits moteurs d'une GRANDE PUISSANCE qui leur permet d'actionner un certain nombre d'accessoires méchaniques, ce qui fait que l'on peut agencer de véritables usines miniatures et en varier l'emploi à l'infini.

TOUTES LERS PARTIES ETANT VISSÉES, l'enfant peut facilement démonter at remonter son moteur et ainsi se rendre compte des moindres détails de la construction.

Les matériaux employés sont de premier ordre. la chaudière est TUBULAIRE, d'une seule pièce en cuivre renforcé; les armatures en cuivre finement nickelé, les socles massifs en fonte ou tôle de fer. Tous nos cylindres sont FIXES avec distributeur perfectionné. Pour donner tote sécurité, le chauffage à l'alcool se fait par des lampes très practiquement agencées, presque toutes à becs gazéfiants.

La pression de vapeur que nos moteurs atteignment par leurs propres moyens est de 2 à 3 atmosphères, et pour écarter tout danger d'explosion chaque moteur est essayé à une pression de 4 à 5 atmosphères avant de quitter nos usines. Une soupape de sûreté parfaitement construite complète d'ailleurs l'équipement de chaque pièce.

Horizontal stationary engines

More options on the larger models, including dynamos. The "El" model used mains electrical power to generate the steam.

Vertical stationary engines

More options on the larger models, including dynamos. The "El" model used mains electrical power to generate the steam.


Steamroller and tractor, live steam:

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