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Lehmann Gross Bahn (LGB)

The company Lehmann was founded in 1881, and is best-known for the creation of a garden railway system, the Lehmann Gross Bahn (Lehmann Big Railway) system, known as LGB for short.

LGB became well known as a solid and reliable system for garden railways, and became especially popular in the US, where the proportions and styling of their 0-4-0 locomotive chimed well with early US locomotive design style.

The LGB business was eventually bought by Märklin.


The LGB system uses rails with gauge 1 (45mm) track spacing, and in order to justify the use of comparatively large locomotives and running stock on such a small track spacing, LGB locomotives tend to be styled after real-life narrow-gauge locomotives, which have a naturally small wheel size and spacing compared to locos that run on standard gauge track.

Part of the appeal of LGB railways is therefore that the trains look quaint and cute and toyishly oversized ... but are actually reasonably closely based on authentic, genuine locomotive designs.

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