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1947 -     

Kleinbahn (trans: "small railway") are an Austrian manufacturer of H0 gauge model railways. In Austria the name "Kleinbahn" is now synonymous with H0 gauge.

Originally founded in 1947 by Erich Klein, the company became Gebrüder Klein OHG ("Klein Brothers") in 1955.

Business model

As the company specialised in models of Austrian and Swiss trains, most of its market was "local". The company therefore decided that in order to "cut out the middle-man" they'd not supply the general retailer market via a distribution network, and would instead open their own model railway shops to sell their own products.

At its peak, Kleinbahn had at least ten shops serving Austria and Switzerland. In latter years, this network of shops has contracted, and since 2018 the range has only been available online and via the factory shop.

Kleinbahn vs Modellbahn

Gebrüder Klein OHG was dissolved in 1979 and in 1984 became two companies:

  • KLEINBAHN Mechanische Werkstätte Spielwarenerzeugung Ing. Erich Klein e.U. continued the original company's ethos under Erich Klein of providing affordable model railways.
  • Klein Modellbahn GesmbH produced more precise and more expensive models for the more serious enthusiast, under Oskar Klein (Senior) (and later under his son, Oskar Klein (Junior)).

The original factory was split in two, with the two companies having half each. However, the offshoot company Klein Modellbahn ran into financial problems and moved out to other premises, formed a partnership with fellow Austrian model railway manufacturer Roco, ceased production in 2008, and with the failure of the Roco partnership, closed down altogether in 2010.

Kleinbahn MWSI EK is still producing model trains.

Addresses (in 1965)

Vienna 1, Austria
SCHOTTENRING 17 (towards the stock exchange) Tel. 34 34 60
Vienna 1, Austria
OPERN RING 3-5 (Heinrichshof) Tel. 57 52 72
Vienna 5, Austria
MARGARETENGURTEL 62 (at the Hochhaus) Tel. 57 52 06
Vienna 7, Austria
KIRCHENGASSE 9 (Ecke Lindengasse) Tel. 93 44 28
Vienna 16, Austria
LERCHENFELDERGURTEL 33 (Thaliastrasse) Tel. 92 40 894
Linz, Austria
GRABEN 32b (at the bird market) tel. 27 4 05
Graz, Austria
ANNENSTRASSE 56 Tel. 87 7 24
Salzburg, Austria
MUNZGASSE 2 (at the winkleraufzug) tel. 81 7 47
Klagenfurt, Austria
BAHNHOFSTRASSE 24 (at the Hochhaus) Tel. 70 4 11
Innsbruck, Austria
MARIA THERESIEN STRASSE 49 (at the Landhaus) Tel. 24446
Bregenz, Austria
BAHNHOFSTRASSE 9 (Entrance Jahngasse) Tel. 35 5 43
Zürich , Switzerland

Shipping and handling department of KLEINBAHN in Vienna 23, Atgersdorf, Gattwerederstrasse 4-6

1965 Kleinbahn locomotive range:

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