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Hugar Models

1930s -     

Hugar Models of South Street, Epsom were produced by Hugh Gardner, and were predominantly wooden trackside buildings - however, there were also items of rolling stock and other pieces.

Construction of the wooden buildings was slightly crude and cheerful, and tended to use "dollhouse" construction tricks - a signalbox might have a protruding panel-pin for a doorknob, and have a door that hinged thanks to a piece of cloth attached to the back.

1938 advertising text:

Like Hailey Models, Hugar Models are on the list of small UK toy producers thought to have supplied pieces to Bassett-Lowke.

* ALL GAUGE '00' RAILWAYMEN will be interested in our new series of lineside models. In addition to essential models such as stations, goods depots, etc., we afre making many new ones as standard productions, including factory, power station, advertisement hoarding, village inn, sand and cement depot, etc., etc. Every building is a hand-made copy of the real thing, built by expert workmen with years of experience.

Gauge '0' experts and those model enthusiasts who are not so keen on railways, but want model farm yard buildings, barracks, army huts or even sandbags and gun emplacements – all are catered for.

Write for our free catalogue and price list. Ask your local dealer to show you the latest Hugar Models.

The models range in price from 6D. to 22'6

— , Hugar Models, , Meccano Magazine, , October 1938

1939 advertising text:

All models are true to scale, built by disabled war veterans, and offered at distinctly reasonable prices.

Platforms for stations can be shaped according to your precise requirements.

— , Hugar Models, , Scale Railway Modelling Today, , September 1939

Hugar Models range

The range of Hugar Models trackside buildings, in 1938/1939

Their 1939 advert lists eighteen categories of building:

  • Timber Yard
  • Sand and Cement Depot
  • Coal Yard
  • Stations, Large and Small
  • Locomotive Sheds
  • Tunnel Portals
  • Bookstalls
  • Village Inns
  • Houses
  • Oil Depot
  • Forage Merchant's Yard
  • Garage
  • Freight Sheds
  • Shunters' Cabin
  • Road Bridges
  • Farmyards
  • Churches
  • Foot Bridges


  • HUGAR MODELS LTD. – South Street, Epsom, Surrey

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