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Hugar Models

1930s -     

Hugar Models of South Street, Epsom were produced by Hugh Gardner, and were predominantly wooden trackside buildings - however, there were also items of rolling stock and other pieces.

Construction of the wooden buildings was slightly crude and cheerful, and tended to use "dollhouse" construction tricks - a signalbox might have a protruding panel-pin for a doorknob, and have a door that hinged thanks to a piece of cloth attached to the back.

Like Hailey Models, Hugar Models are on the list of small UK toy producers thought to have supplied pieces to Bassett-Lowke.

Hugar Models range

The range of Hugar Models trackside buildings, in 1939

Their 1939 advert lists eighteen categories of building:

  • Timber Yard
  • Sand and Cement Depot
  • Coal Yard
  • Stations, Large and Small
  • Locomotive Sheds
  • Tunnel Portals
  • Bookstalls
  • Village Inns
  • Houses
  • Oil Depot
  • Forage Merchant's Yard
  • Garage
  • Freight Sheds
  • Shunters' Cabin
  • Road Bridges
  • Farmyards
  • Churches
  • Foot Bridges

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