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1933 -     

Elektron was Meccano Ltd.'s brand name for their "electrical outfits", which first appeared in 1933. These were similar in concept to chemistry sets, but instead of containing assorted chemicals and suggested chemical experiments, they had wire, coils, magnets and other electrical components, and booklets describing how to carry out experiments with static electricity and electromagnetism.

As with the Meccano sets, there was a No.1 set, a No.2 set, and an upgrade "accessory" set that let owners of a No.1 upgrade to a No.2 once they'd outgrown it.

Advertising description

" In these days of radio, X-rays, and electric trams and trains, every boy should have a knowledge of electricity. The only way to gain this knowledge is by means of experiments, and the Elektron Outfits have been produced specially for this purpose.
The outfits contain all the materials for carrying out a splendid series of fascinating experiments, commencing with Magnetism and passing though Frictional Electricity to Current Electricity. In addition many interesting mechanisms can be constructed, including a Reading Lamp, an Electric Bell, a Telegraph, a Shocking Coil that provides endless fun, and Electric Motors. "

The No.1 Elektron Outfit

Magnetism and Static Electricity

"The No.1 Outfit contains two powerful Bar Magnets and a reliable Magnetic Compass, together with everything necessary for the carrying out of a series of fascinating magnetic experiments. In addition there are materials for experiments in frictional or static electricity, and for the construction of an Electric Compass and two forms of Electroscope.
Price 8/6 "

The No.2 Elektron Outfit

Current Electricity

" The No.2 Elektron Outfit contains all that is included in the No.1 Elektron outfit, with additional parts that enable a splendid series of experiments in current electricity to be performed. Among these parts are a Horeseshoe Magnet, and Coils and Yokes for the construction of Electro-Magnets that can be used in building a real Electric Bell, and a Buzzer for use in an electric telegraph system. A specially-wound coil and other necessary parts are supplied for assembling into a splendid Shocking Coil that will give hours of fun and excitement.
Price 25/ "

No.1A Elektron Accessory Outfit

" An Accessory outfit is also available that converts a No.1 Elektron Outfit into a No.2
Price 16/6 "

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