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Lotts Buildec was a slightly unusual variation on the building-blocks theme, in that having built a house, you could paint it with the supplied watercolours. Some of the Lotts range of bricks already had raised patterning (such as brickwork patterns) that allowed the company to easily print patterned colour onto the raised surfaces ... this seems to have been an extension of the idea. The paint was washable ... however the system does sound a bit messy.

Date range

The sets were advertised for the first time in Meccano Magazine as "a fine new idea" in October 1936, and were still being advertised in 1939

Product range

In 1936, Lotts were advertising three sets, Box 1, Box 2, and Box 3, which made 12, 24 and 36 models respectively, and which came with four, six, and eight vials of paint.

Box promotional text

Lotts Bricks Buildec

Combined Building and Painting Toy

An entirely new and fascinating pastime for boys and girls of all ages. The bricks which are of stone are supplied plain, and may be coloured exactly as illustrated above. The colours can be washed off the bricks when it is desired to re-paint the house. No previous knowledge or skill is necessary.

This box is complete with bricks, roofs, 4 bottles of special 'Buildec' paint, bruh and illustrated instructions for colouring and building 12 models. These include Cottage, Signal Box, Farm Building, Sea-side Shelter, etc. etc. They may be effectively decorated in any combination of colours.

1936 advertising text


You can now be a painter and decorator as well as a builder

A fine new idea that will appeal to boys of all ages. You will build your models with uncoloured bricks and then paint them , with special Buildec paints, to any colour scheme you like.

No special skill is required and the colours can be washed off for painting again and again. You can paint your railway buildings in proper company's colours and by periodical redecoration make sure they are always bright and clean.

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