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Brighton Fringe is a yearly open-access festival taking place in Brighton every spring. The Fringe accompanies the more "official" Brighton Festival, whose performance list is invite-only, the relationship between the two being similar to the one that exists between the Edinburgh Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. Brighton Fringe is reckoned to be the biggest arts festival in England, the second biggest in the UK (Edinburgh Fringe is larger), and the third largest in the world (behind Adelaide and Edinburgh).

The Festival/Fringe relationship seems to work well – the main Festival is centrally organised and planned, while the Fringe is inclusive – this symbiosis allows the Festival to produce focussed events without being accused of being exclusionist and elitist, while the Fringe benefits from the "major acts" publicity surrounding the Festival. A friendly rivalry means that the Fringe tends to have ambitions to include "headliner" acts to compete with the Festival, and the existence of the Fringe "snapping at their toes" helps keep the Festival organisers from getting complacent. Taken together, residents and visitors benefit from a wealth and diversity of events and acts that might be difficult to manage with a single organisation.

Introduction to the 2018 guide:

Freedom is compelling and something that we all crave and deserve. Whether it be to liberate ourselves, our minds, or to claim what is rightfully ours, it is alwys relevant and essential for our individual and collective wellbeing.

As an open-access festival, Brighton Fringe embodies this notion. Anyone can take part and the appeal is also universal. The result is an arts event that is unparalleled in England in terms of diversity, quality and scale.

Within these pages is an extraordinary mix of creative, entertaining, challenging and educational self-expression from more than 5,000 people all across Brighton & Hove, the UK and around the world. All events are affordably priced and many are free, including our showcases at Fringe City every weekend of the festival.

We are also delighted to welcome the Dutch, Flemish and Finnish Seasons, as well as more than 50 award- and bursary-winning companies, bringing the unique opportunity to experience some of the finest performers and artists from all over the world. We are also proud of our inaugural Freedom Season with a range of work catering for people with particular access needs.

Thank you to all those people and organisations who make Brighton Fringe what it is, both backstage and onstage. And thanks also to you , the audience.

Set yourself free and you never know where you may end up! Julian Caddy Managing Director, Brighton Fringe Ltd.

— , Julian Caddy, , Brighton Fringe event catalogue, , 2018

... and the museum

Brighton Toy and Model Museum is one of the Fringe venues.

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