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Brighton Fishing Museum is set into the seafront arches between the Palace Pier and the i360, at the bottom of Ship Street. It opened in May 1994.

Although comparatively small, entrance to the Fishing Museum is free, and it is on a section of seafront that many visitors to Brighton will be passing by anyway (although many will walk along the seafront on the roadside pavement, and not realise that there's a Fishing Museum beneath their feet).

~2012: Panaoramic view of Brighton Fishing Museum, created with the Autostitch software


The museum was created to preserve the heritage of Brighton's Fishing Quarter – this is an important part of Brighton's history, as Brighton started out as a fishing village.

Museum contents

Although nominally a museum about fishing, in practice, the Fishing Museum is effectively a seafront museum ... its walls carry a set of historic images of the seafront through the ages, and the Western arch currently (2019) carries a display on the history of Brighton Swimming Club (by Paul Farrington, with the help of a 2011 HLF grant), and a display of artefacts from the old West Pier.

In the past the museum has also hosted a historical display of Punch and Judy puppets.


The Fishing Museum was a favourite of Mayor Andy Durr, and has historically had close connections with the West Pier Trust (who now have their own office a little closer to the i360), and with the UK's "Punch and Judy" community via The Fedora Group.


  • Brighton Fishing Museum – No. 201 Kings Road Arches BN1 1NB

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